Course Descriptions


    The development of informatics technology promote a revolutionary change in teaching methods. Many boring and incomprehensible things previously transferred by traditional methods now can be manifested by multimedia technology, so that the students learn and master the knowledge with fun and imagination.
    We will take full advantage of the network and multimedia technology in this course and change the current prevalence of traditional indoctrination teaching methods. In the teaching process, we would gradually promote the problem-centered teaching mode and will introduce new domestic and foreign research progress. Using the operation observation, case discussion, and other forms, we plan to stimulate the student`s independent learning enthusiasm and make the students being the fully embodies during the learning process. As a clinical disciplines, clinical training, internships, and operation training are essential. We have attempted to improve the teaching skills with more scientific and funny method by PBL, CBL, and surgical videos. We also try our best to enhance the communication between the students and teachers to make sure that the majority of students take the highest quality teaching resources.

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